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About Us

Bitgroup is a 10 year old establishment, bringing you professional and kind service and attitude.
we’ll escort you from the idea stage, through the planning stage, all through developing and promoting your dream.

Our Team

our team works day and night (especially nights) to get you where you want to be.

Eiran Danan

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and i'm all out of bubble gum

Eiran Danan

Owner & CEO
Tal Abziz

A real man has a beard

Tal Abziz

Avihai Atias

Likes strawberry milkshakes and girls you wont take home to your mom and dad

Avihai Atias

Project Manager And QA
Eli Golan

Suspiciously goes to Tel-Aviv every weekend

Eli Golan

Web and Mobile Applications Development
Saar Hamra

Can make lemons out of lemonade

Saar Hamra

Mobile Applications Developer
Rina Mor Yosef

What doesn't kill you just isn't finished yet

Rina Mor Yosef

Wordpress Wizard
Igal Guez

We're standing on the shoulders of giants

Igal Guez


So what do we do?

A little about what we can do for you

Following Your Vision

professional software development and counseling services of the finest quality, assisting you with being the best, the way you see what the best is.

Websites And Webapps Development

Bitgroup provides a range of web related software development and support services, from simple informational websites to complicated web systems.

Data processing

Bitgroup’s in-house tools, developed over the years, provide a stable and fast way to develop data analysis tools.

Have a cup of coffee with us

Get a free, professional opinion and price estimate on anything that is software related.

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